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We offer a diverse range of service options and solutions at affordable prices. We pride ourself on providing peace of mind so that you can rest assured that your home is taken care of when you are away. 


Townhouse, Condo or Home ...your request will be met with courtesy, professionalism, individualized attention, and solutions to give you peace of mind. Contact us to discover all we have to offer. We look forward to speaking with you.

Give us a call at  239-810-9137  to get started on the plan that meets your needs

Take a step toward property protection..

       Let us take care of your Condo, House or Townhome while you are away

Exterior Inspection

We visually inspect the outsideof your home for evidence of;

- Forced entry

- Vandalism
- Broken windows

- Damaged Screens/Lani

- Inspect for insects/rodents
- Water Leaks

- Fire hazards
- Damage to shingles/roof
- Failed A/C system

- Pool water level/condition

- Remove newspapers and flyers


Interior Inspection

We inspect the interior of your home for defects that may affect the comfort and safety of your real property.

- Visually check for water stains/signs of water 

- Check windows for signs of mold/mildew and  verify they are locked

- Visually check electric panel for tripped circuit breakers

- Run garbage disposal, dishwasher, washer machine (quick wash) and dryer (touch up)

- Check that refrigerator and freezer are properly working

- Flush all toilets, test run sink water 

- Check thermostat, run air conditioner to verify that it is properly working

- Reset security system upon departure

Appointment Services

We coordinate access and meet serivce prodivers you authorize;

- Maintenance/Repairs

- Painting

- Screen/Lanai Replacement

- Appliance or Postal Delivery

- Pest control

- Utility provider

- Internet/Cable Installation

- Furniture Delivery


Iris De Hoyos, BA, LREA

Public Safety Management 

Realtor®- MVP Realty


Advanced HomeWatch Services, LLC

Phone:  +1 239 810-9137




I worked in the Criminal Justice and Mental Health Sector for 22 years. I have a bachelor’s degree in Public Safety Management, with multiple certifications in criminal intelligence. 


Iris De Hoyos, BA, LREA


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